About Us

The foundation of the company; who we really are, is at once the culmination of people and assets, and the confluence of values, personal purpose, and dogged insistence to simply do the right thing - consistently.
-William Estberg
Owner, chill-n-go, Inc

Our Company

chill-n-go, Inc is fully integrated textile manufacturing: pattern making; cutting rolled goods and leathers; embroidered adornment; skilled sewing assemblage; packaging; QC; fulfillment.

The company's origin dates to 1977 and was originally located in San Leandro (SF Bay Area). Rancho Cordova (Sacramento, CA) has been the company's home since 1987.


Manufacturing the world renowned chill-n-go® line of professional wine portage tools, as well as providing OEM services across a wide range of textile products and tools; the company executes its mission in adherence to proven Core Values building confidence, trust, and long term relationships. Read More

Our Mission

Avail efficiently assembled human resources and mechanical assets to companies and individuals seeking a custom manufactured textile solution or associated service.


chill-n-go Family

Behind the words and images; behind the voice and pen; behind the machine and fabric, a few very unique individuals share a common thread; a common bond - an urgent and deep desire to reach, solve and fulfill. By 2018, three amazing women will have marked 29 years of making wine bags, and are the foundation of the chill-n-go® family – think of the wine business evolution they’ve witnessed! Following these three are several more committed individuals with combined tenures of decades.

Behind almost 41 years of business are the kids, the weddings, the elation and grief, the accidents, the winnings, the fears and the relief – behind all of this are good, honest, hard working people who make this company, this country, what it is today.

From all of us – to all of you – THANK YOU, for allowing us to be of service.

Need Assistance?

Call us at (800) 323-5013


Core Purpose:

  • Design/build Textile solutions

  • Provide associated efficiency services

  • Educate for best decision

  • Build long term relationships – earn confidence

  • Fulfill personal & business potential


Core Values:

  • Sense of Urgency

  • Quality Manufacturing

  • Honesty with Class, Character & Pride

  • World–class personal customer service

  • Responsibility to employees and community