chill-n-go, Inc.'s brands, marks, names, and logos are among the company's most important and valuable corporate assets.

This chill-n-go, Inc. Trademark and Logo Usage Policy is applicable to chill-n-go, Inc, to all chill-n-go, Inc. organizations worldwide and to chill-n-go, Inc. resellers, developers, customers, advertising agencies, consultants, professional writers and editors, licensees and to third parties making reference to chill-n-go, Inc. trademarks.

The chill-n-go, Inc. Trademark and Logo Usage Policy set forth the authorized policies for using or referring to chill-n-go, Inc. brands, trademarks, product and service names, logos and slogans.


Trademark Rights

As the owner of its trademarks, chill-n-go, Inc. has the exclusive right to use its trademarks, as well as the right to stop others from using its trademarks improperly or without authorization.

Identification of chill-n-go, Inc. products or services is the sole permissible use of chill-n-go, Inc. trademarks and logos. The following is a non-exhaustive list of impermissible uses of chill-n-go, Inc. trademarks and logos:

No chill-n-go, Inc. trademark or logo may be incorporated into or used as part of a third party's own logo, company name, product logo or otherwise.

No chill-n-go, Inc. trademark or logo may be used in any way that is likely to be confusing, misleading or deceptive as to the true identity or source of products, services, materials, courses or programs.

No mark that is misleadingly similar in design or appearance to any chill-n-go, Inc. mark or infringes on chill-n-go, Inc. trademark rights may be used.

No chill-n-go, Inc. trademark or logo may be used in any manner that is likely to disparage, dilute or negatively affect chill-n-go, Inc. reputation.

No chill-n-go, Inc. trademark or logo may be used in a way that is likely to imply that the user, its products, or its services are endorsed by, sponsored or affiliated with chill-n-go, Inc., without written permission from chill-n-go, Inc.

chill-n-go, Inc. will pursue its legal rights against those who engage in any of the aforementioned activities or any other activities that infringe on chill-n-go, Inc. trademark rights.


Proper Use of Trademarks and Symbols

You may refer to chill-n-go, Inc. products and services by their associated chill-n-go, Inc. trademarks and service marks, so long as such references (a) are truthful, fair, and not misleading, and (b) comply with this Policy. chill-n-go, Inc. trademarks may not be shortened, abbreviated or made into acronyms.


Proper Trademark Attribution

1. Include a trademark notice when referring to a trademark.

Place an appropriate trademark notice symbol (® or ™) adjacent to the first and most prominent reference to the trademark. Do not add a space between the trademark name and the symbol. The symbol should be in superscript or subscript. In the absence of those symbols, a parenthetical notation such as (TM) is acceptable.

2. Use the appropriate trademark symbol.

When referring to chill-n-go, Inc. trademarks, use the "™" or "®" symbol in accordance with the status of the particular chill-n-go, Inc. product or service. Refer to the webpage entitled chill-n-go, Inc. Trademarks" to determine the correct symbol for the particular trademark being used.

3. Use the trademark legend.

In addition to applying the appropriate symbol to the trademark being used, third parties must attribute all chill-n-go, Inc. Trademarks in an appropriate trademark legend. The legend may be printed in small print, however, it must be large enough to be legible. Permissible locations to place the legend include but are not limited to, the end of a document, on the back of a package or on the bottom of a web page.

Use the following standard trademark legend in all material referencing any chill-n-go, Inc. trademark:

chill-n-go, Inc., [insert all other trademarks, product names, service names, program names, etc., that are referred to or displayed in the document] are trademarks or registered trademarks of chill-n-go, Inc. in the United States and other countries."


Use of chill-n-go, Inc. Logos

chill-n-go, Inc. logos may only be shown independently. A logo may not be used in the context of a written description. Additionally, chill-n-go, Inc. logos may only be used in accordance with the chill-n-go, Inc. Corporate Style Guide available upon request from your chill-n-go, Inc. representative, and as may be amended in chill-n-go, Inc. sole discretion from time to time.


Third Party Use of chill-n-go, Inc. Trademarks

Business affiliates and alliance members of chill-n-go, Inc., licensees, and other third parties are limited to specific, approved uses of chill-n-go, Inc. trademarks. Third parties must use chill-n-go, Inc. trademarks within the parameters outlined below. Unauthorized or improper use of chill-n-go, Inc. trademarks may infringe on chill-n-go, Inc. trademark rights.

chill-n-go, Inc. trademarks may not be used in third party company or product names without a written trademark license agreement.

A licensed third party shall not use any other trademark or service mark in close proximity to any of the chill-n-go, Inc. Trademarks or combine marks in either case so as to effectively create a unitary composite mark, without the prior written approval of chill-n-go, Inc.; provided, however, nothing herein shall prevent such licensed third party from preparing and distributing marketing materials in which the chill-n-go, Inc. Trademarks and the licensed third party’s marks appear on the same page or slide as discrete marks. Notwithstanding the foregoing, each use of chill-n-go, Inc. Trademarks is subject to chill-n-go, Inc. pre-approval, such approval to be withheld at its sole discretion.

Prior to publication or release, written approval by chill-n-go, Inc. must be received by all third parties of advertising and/or marketing collateral or other materials that use chill-n-go, Inc. trademarks or logos.

Except as provided within this Policy, chill-n-go, Inc. third party affiliates may not use any chill-n-go, Inc. trademark as part of their own logo or company name or in third party advertising, product packaging, Web site or other promotional materials.

As such, neither domain names of nor metatags in third party Web sites may use or include chill-n-go, Inc. Trademarks or logos without chill-n-go, Inc. advance written consent.

Additionally, without chill-n-go, Inc. advance written consent, third parties may not hyperlink or deeplink to chill-n-go, Inc. Web pages, unless the third party provides clear and unmistakable notice that the end user is exiting that Web site and entering the chill-n-go, Inc. Web site. The sole circumstance under which deeplinking is permissible is when a need for information on chill-n-go, Inc. products, programs, services or technologies exists on the third party Web site.

Proper references to chill-n-go, Inc. products by third parties are permissible.

To refer to chill-n-go, Inc. products and services, third parties may use chill-n-go, Inc. trademarks but only if used properly: Use the trademarks as adjectives and accompany the trademarks with the appropriate trademark symbol and legend. For further guidance, please refer to Section 2 of this policy entitled "Proper Use of Trademarks and Symbols."


Third Party Use of chill-n-go, Inc. Logos

chill-n-go, Inc. logos may be used only when licensed from chill-n-go, Inc. If a company or individual has a valid written license agreement in effect with chill-n-go, Inc, that company or individual must use the logo in accordance with the specifications described in the license agreement. Those guidelines are license-specific, and will not be addressed in this general policy. In the event that the terms of an individual license and this policy conflict, the terms of the individual license shall govern. A logo licensee whose license does not describe limitations on use of the logo should follow the guidelines found in Section 2.



No information contained in this chill-n-go, Inc. Trademark and Logo Usage Policy is intended to serve as legal advice. If you have questions regarding your legal rights or duties, please consult your own attorney.

chill-n-go, Inc. reserves the right to change this policy at any time, without notice.