Service and Quality, with Urgency

The objective is achieved by orchestrating the hard assets and processes of manufacturing with an always tailored, and sometimes fluid, customer service solution. Tailoring the solution serves the customer's particular position and need; the breadth of that tailoring, and then excellence in its execution, defines the ability to serve.

Manufacturing Service Solutions ranging from complex to simple inherently involve a conceived or existing textile product or tool to which value or an additional service can be added. Each different instance or opportunity, albeit with the same client, requires its own distinct attention to detail. For conceived products the value added services usually reside pre-manufacturing in design and prototype development; but the largest example is the array of fulfillment options following on-demand manufacturing. Simple drop shipping; warehouse/drop ship on-demand, or 'kit assembly' are just three examples.

Wine & Spirit Industry

Serving this industry is at the root of the company’s foundation. Around the world, with every major wine producer or distributor, the chill-n-go® trademark is synonymous with the highest quality insulated wine portage available. From inventing and patenting the first insulated One Bottle Bag and Two Bottle Bag, to producing hundreds of thousands of Six Bottle Salesperson’s Bags, chill-n-go, Inc. continues as a unique and key service-provider to this industry.

chill-n-go, Inc. designs and builds for the industry. Each chill-n-go® product is thought of, built as, and expected to be used as, a tool - an item counted on to perform every day, all day in the conduct of business. Understood is the importance of a white wine within a correct temperature range at the last call of the day; we understand why a broken wine bottle can destroy a well planned sales event; we know that a re-corked bottle is now taller and the bag still needs to close; most of all, we're designing and building with you - with your goal in mind; not at you with our goal in mind.

Fulfillment: In addition to textile manufacturing, chill-n-go, Inc. provides on-demand fulfillment and drop shipping. Typically, the customer places an order; the order is manufactured and prepared for shipment; the customer is invoiced under their normal terms; the order is then drop shipped on-demand over time.

Fulfillment Benefits:
  • One shipment - manufacturer to end user - significant financial savings.

  • No warehousing cost.

  • No inventory management - reports furnished on demand.

  • Further adornment such as names or awards (gold, silver, etc.) can be added as achieved or earned.

  • Maximizes unit discount by ordering larger quantity even though adornment unknown.

  • Items such as pullers, pens, or brochures can be added and shipped together.

  • There is NO COST for fulfillment; a nominal cost is incurred if packaging with added items requested.

Proprietary Manufacturing

The provision of textile manufacturing services to a company or individual; private labeling or OEM services. On demand manufacturing of specific products conceptualized by the Client Company or individual. Markets served vary widely; from the medical industry to the equestrian world, from movie film production to concrete transport. These customers expect rapid manufacturing of highly customized or rigidly specified goods in moderate quantities. Generally, these goods are not 'mass-producible' for both quality and quantity reasons. Individual adornment or embroidery is not uncommon.

One-Off Requirements

Highly customized manufacturing of single-use solutions requiring extensive interaction between design/production and client/user. Examples would include specialized wheel chair back packs; form fitted outdoor equipment covers; or other highly customized, purposeful textile solutions.

Promotional Marketing

chill-n-go, Inc. provides custom manufactured products within extremely short lead times; meeting highly customized (adornment or design) specifications; in 'short-order' quantities. Alternatively, our China facility provides quantity/economy solutions where time and event-date restrictions are minimal.


chill-n-go, Inc. designs and manufactures lines of insulated and non-insulated textile products:

  • Baby:​ ​Quality diaper bags, bottle bags and tote bags for 'Baby & Beyond'.

  • CNYGY​: ​An upscale line of baby bags utilizing fine leather and quality material combinations in unique and refreshing styles.

  • Gift & Gourmet:​ ​Utilizing our 'workhorse' criteria for wine industry products, these items provide the wine connoisseur with durability and functionality in aesthetically pleasing forms.