Square Table Drape

Item Number - 6500


Product Dimensions:
  • 52" H x 52" W
Adornment Area:
  • 16” H x 20” W Approx.
Fabric Options:
  • Bronco

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Bronco Color Options


Providing tremendous ‘bang for the buck’, the Small Square Table Drape with brand embroidery in the corner will clearly set your table apart from the sea around you.

‘Normal’ event venues provide the table covered with a white table cloth. Placing your drape (available in over 30 colors) on the diagonal allowing the embroidered ‘V’ to hang off the front gives clear contrast and rivets the viewers’ attention.

Table Drapes can be made to almost any dimensions, and often are made to specific measurements provided. There are no minimums. There is no ‘up-charge’ for a custom dimensioned cloth – pricing is calculated using the same math as for our ‘standard’ items.


Black is the most commonly used fabric color – while the logic is understood, this is an opportunity to harmonize color with brand art – and present a unique distinguished portrait during the event.


With the large amount of stitches, and the varying stitch styles, we must recommend dry cleaning when necessary. That said, we do wash ours following these guidelines: wash alone (no other items in machine); wash on slow/gentle cycle; wash on cold/warm temp settings; use mild detergent. Dry alone (no other items in machine); gentle and warm settings. Alternatively, hang to dry.

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