Encore 12 Shipper

Item Number - 6672


Product Dimensions:
  • 12.5” H x 14” W x 19.5" D
Adornment Area:
  • 10” H x 10” W Approx.
Custom Fabric Options:
  • 600d Polyester
  • 1000d Nylon
  • 1680d Black Ballistic Nylon

600d Color Options


1000d Color Options

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Shipping a case of wine is expensive, time sensitive, often insecure, and always with uncertainty about handling and exposure. The Encore 12 Shipper provides the ‘check-with-luggage’ solution eliminating the risks while greatly easing pre and post flight handling.

Encore 12 Shippers provide:
  • Use and return cost efficiency – fly out with the case; return with case cover
  • Proven bottle security
  • Opportunistic, highly visible branding
  • Demonstrative environmental stewardship (no Styrofoam)
  • Secure knowledge of wine location, treatment and exposure (it’s with your luggage)
  • Immediate retrieval at final destination (again, it’s with your luggage)
  • Rugged, Made in USA construction; pull it, push it, kick it, carry it
  • Ecologically friendly – no Styrofoam, recycled/recyclable, Soy ink
Ease of use:

Crushed cardboard shipper cases are inherently smaller than their Styrofoam counterparts; yet offer equal protection. The Encore 12 Shipper Case affords handle, shoulder or wheeled transport. On the return, the case compactly folds and can be placed inside a suitcase. The wheel panel stores inside its own bag to prevent soiling or snagging luggage contents.


The case can be machined washed, gentle cycle, with a mild detergent. Alternatively, the fabric can be wiped or sponge cleaned using warm water and mild detergent – towel excess moisture and stand/shape to air dry. Do not place in dryer.

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