Vintage Two Bottle

Item Number - 1240V


Product Dimensions:
  • 14.5” H x 12” W x 4.5" D
Adornment Area:
  • 8” H x 8” W Approx.
Variants: Fabric Options:
  • 400d / 420d Nylon
  • 600d Polyester
  • 1000d Nylon
  • 1680d Black Ballistic Nylon
  • Cotton Prints
  • Leather

400d / 420d Color Options


600d Color Options


1000d Color Options

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Cotton Print Options


Leather Options


The original patented Two Bottle Insulated Wine Bag with a slight twist; the handles are replaced by a 1.5” adjustable shoulder strap with ergonomic pad. The bag maintains all of the classical Two Bottle features, but allows hands-free portage and movement.

Adding this additional functionality makes this version a strong candidate when considering the versatile possibilities. Whether in fine Italian leather as the chic personal wine bag; or in rugged nylon as the built-forever insulated utilitarian lunch/beverage bag - the bag will last a lifetime - we guarantee it!

As with all chill-n-go® wine professional bags, the Vintage Two Bottle is carefully hand crafted using quality components. This adherence to rigid standards ensures both the aesthetic and functional longevity of the bag.


Always store chill packs in freezer when not in use.


chill-n-go® wine bags are constructed in a manner ‘locking’ the insulation in place. Turn bag inside-out - machine wash on GENTLE cycle only - mild non-bleach detergent. Upon completion of wash cycle, turn bag right side-out, carefully shape bag and hang to dry. DO NOT PLACE IN DRYER.

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