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  • 1205

    Small One Bottle

    Insulated and sized for a 750 ml bottle. One inch heavy gauge webbing shoulder strap. Compact and small tote - making this the perfect gift bag.
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  • 1215

    One Bottle

    Fully insulated one-bottle capacity. Nylon lined with two inside pockets to hold a corkscrew and chill-pak. Strong shoulder strap providing easy of use.
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  • 1224

    Four Bottle Salesperson

    Adjustable\removable shoulder strap; two insulated two bottle sleeves; center section for additional items with small zipper pocket.
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  • 1239

    Three Bottle

    Small carry handle; nylon lined; inside open pocket for corkscrew; two swing pockets with chill-paks. Also available with shoulder strap (1239V).
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  • 1239S

    Three Bottle Salesperson

    Two major sections - one holding a three bottle sleeve and the other providing room for laptop, or personal affects. Two convenient zippered pockets.
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  • 1239V

    Vintage Three Bottle

    Adjustable permanent shoulder strap; nylon lined; inside open pocket for corkscrew; two swing pockets with chill-paks.
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  • 1240

    Two Bottle

    Our classic and patented two bottle bag. Interior swing pocket for chill-pak, heavy gauge webbing, nylon lining, and small interior corkscrew pocket.
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  • 1240S

    Two Bottle Bodega

    Two large interior sections containing a two bottle sleeve and additional compartment for personal affects. Inside zipper pocket and two external open top pockets.
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  • 1240V

    Vintage Two Bottle

    Adjustable shoulder strap; available in a wide range of color and fabric options; two interior pockets housing chill-pak and corkscrew.
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  • 1250I

    Six Bottle Traveler

    Fully insulated with secure three-sided zipper top. Outside pocket under flap with Velcro tab closure. Half-inch insulated bottled separators can be removed for convenience.
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  • 1260

    Six Bottle Salesperson

    Three large compartments: two outer sections hold three-bottle insulated sleeves, and large center section for a laptop or personal affects.
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  • 1260C

    Convertible Six Bottle Salesperson

    A combination of the Six Bottle Salesperson's Bag and the Vintage Three Bottle Bag. Carrying all the same characteristic of their counterparts.
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  • 1280

    Three Bottle Backpack

    Three large compartments: one containing an insulated sleeve and the others two are sized for a laptop and/or personal affects.
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  • 1290I

    Four Bottle Traveler

    Completely insulated with four bottle separator (removable) and inside pocket for chill-paks. Outer pocket with tab-close flap.
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  • 6367

    Twelve Bottle Trunk

    Twelve individual insulated slots; nylon lined; heavy 600-denier or 1,000-denier outer; half dozen chill-paks; shoulder strap with large soft pad; carrying handles.
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  • 6376

    Mag Two

    Constructed to accept either 2 - 750 ml bottles, or by rearranging the inside one 1.51 bottle. Fully insulated, includes chill-pak, and lined with either a printed cotton or tapestry fabric.
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  • 6617

    Six Bottle Lite

    The traditional Six Bottle Salesperson’s Bag absent any bells and whistles - simple and efficient. Three large compartments; two containing insulated sleeves and one for personal affects.
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  • 6624

    Estate Briefcase

    The absolute ultimate combination of the fine Italian leather and wine functionality. Four bottles; electronic pocketing (I-Pad, netbook PED’s, etc), plus room for additional items.
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  • 6638

    Cellar Briefcase

    Briefcase-style bag accommodates four bottles in an insulated and segregated in-line bottle area. Two large pockets sized for documents or small electronics (I-Pad, netbook, etc).
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  • 6714

    Three Bottle Backpack

    Three large compartments: one containing an insulated sleeve and the other two are sized for a laptop and/or personal affects.
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  • 6649

    Four Bottle Backpack

    Four bottles slots highly protected and insulated; padded I-Pad or netbook pocketing; stowable shoulder strap; grab handle and very comfortable backpack straps.
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  • 6669

    Two Bottle Traveler

    Large flap over front pocket and two Segregated interior bottle slots. Equipped with provided chill-pak, perfect for cooling wine or other bottled liquids.
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  • 6672

    Encore 12 Shipper

    Crushed cardboard shipper cases are smaller than their Styrofoam counterparts. Affords handle, shoulder, or wheeled transport. When empty folds to fit in a standard suitcase.
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  • 6673

    Encore 6x2 Shipper

    The 'check-with-luggage' solution for transporting 6 or 12 bottles of wine via air transportation. Crushed cardboard shippers offer flexibility while still being environmentally friendly.
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