Sail Bag

Item Number - 6333


Product Dimensions:
  • 24" H x 14” W x 9" D
Adornment Area:
  • 7.5” H x 5.5” W Approx.
Fabric Options:
  • Solid Cotton

Solid Cotton Color Options

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Classic, distinctive, rugged – the ultimate in its class. A life-time possession.

Sail bags, boat bags, tote bags – what’s the difference – who cares?

Sail bags and boat bags were born of necessity; designed to perform work. The ‘best’ boat and sail bags cost increasingly more; containing higher quality materials and demanding a higher level of craftsmanship in assemblage. The ‘best’ tote bag is one that lasts long enough for a specific promotional purpose, and costs the least. While it has function, the base logic differs greatly.

Inherently, boat and sail bags are ‘double-bottomed’ bags; having a bottom ‘overlay’ that provides greatly increased strength and durability. Boat and sail bag handles will always originate at the bottom of the bag providing proper lift and stress mechanics.

Sail bags are ‘usually’ larger and heavier than boat bags; and are constructed differently. Sail bags have a ‘hidden zippered top’; an opening ‘panel’ that at once provides security; greatly increases access area; and folds into or ‘hides’ inside the bag (open or closed).

Constructed of 22 oz. cotton, the bag can be made with a contrasting colored bottom and handles. The bag has a large zippered inside pocket and is fitted with 2” metal hardware on cotton webbing.

The characteristic look of the sail bag revolves around forming the bottom gusset and side seams to the exterior – versus the interior as on a boat bag. The result is a different look; heft of fabric and thread are apparent – the sense of quality and longevity felt.


It’s 100% cotton and metal – we recommend dry cleaning, or hand washing; no dryer. Perfectly OK to scrub this fabric with a brush, shape and let dry naturally.

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